Retain and sustain our teachers through better salary, medical benefits, and classroom resources

Teachers are the main factor behind student success. Providing better incentives will fill in the gaps created by teachers and their families being forced to leave the place they call home. Our teachers deserve to be sustained so that they can give back and teach within their own communities.


  • Teacher vacancies are up 51% from 2011. Many move out of state because the cost of living is too high in Hawaii.
  • The number of unlicensed teachers, or teachers who don’t meet state qualifications rose 63% from 2011.
  • DOE curriculum is too rigid, ignoring individual students’ learning styles.
  • The number of in-state education program graduates dropped 29% from 2010.
  • However, we are graduating enough students with education degrees to fill the amount of teachers who are resigning, but the recent graduates aren’t staying in Hawaii.


  • Increase teacher salary and medical benefits to better offset the cost of living in Hawaii.
  • Grant teachers with more freedom in their teaching methods.
  • Provide funding for trainings, conferences, supplies.
  • Support a housing voucher program like SB 2855, which would allow for housing vouchers for full-time DOE or public charter school teachers.