Other issues

Affordable Housing & Cost Of Living

Believes that we must decrease the cost of living so that our families can be housed by:

  1. Decreasing taxes and pension liability
  2. Adequately supporting local developers and local jobs so that local dollars can stay here
  3. Unburdening the building process for developers by reducing the permitting wait time
  4. Improving access to Hawaiian home lands through DHHL and using underutilized resources to provide more housing so that more Hawaiians are housed and can thrive, properly fulfilling the purpose of the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act


  1. Will prioritize increasing our investment in agriculture as currently the Department of Agriculture gets less than 1% of our state budget
  2. Aims to increase agrictulrual production which will diversify our economy
  3. Plans to decrease regulation for farmers in order to increase production


  1. Will increase access to capital grants for local & developing businesses
  2. Seeks to decrease burdensome regulations that make doing business difficult
  3. Will apply for more infrastructure improvement grants for rural areas
  4. Believes we must support existing local partnerships, such as local marketplaces that share utility costs and draw local crowds


  1. Aims to reallocate funds to the judiciary so they can properly function (especially on the neighbor islands), as they only receive less than 1% of the state budget
  2. Will require increased transparency between the legislature and the public regarding criminal laws


  1. Will work towards ensuring equitable funding for ALL public school students and remedy the large funding disparity between DOE schools and charter & rural schools
  2. Will prioritize the plan to Retain and sustain our teachers through increased salary, more classroom resources, and less costly medical benefits
  3. Will audit and streamline Department of Education facilities, resources, and procedures
  4. Plans to increase vocational programs to provide practical experience for students and fill employment gaps in Hawaii


  1. Will create community incentives so that communities feel the benefit of housing clean energy projects
  2. Supports biofuel (such as burning invasive trees for fuel on Kauai)

Gun Rights (Second Amendment)

  1. Upholds the Second Amendment
  2. Believes that permits to carry should be issued to law-abiding citizens in Hawai’i who fulfill all safety and background check requirements under Hawai’i’s current strict gun laws

Hawaiian Homelands

  1. Plans to inventory what homesteads have infrastructure but are still incomplete
  2. Believes we must be realistic of the number of homes we are promising, will not promise homes we cannot build
  3. Aims to improve access and transparency to the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands by increasing the involvement of beneficiaries and using underutilized resources to provide more housing
  4. Will work towards decreasing the 50% blood quantum requirement in order to house more Native Hawaiians

Hawaiian Language

  1. Strong advocate of Hawaiian language education, usage, and accessibility in all schools and branches of government
  2. Sponsored the Hawaiian Language, Places and Geographic Features Resolution requiring all signs, maps, and promotional material issued by the State and other government agencies to include the Hawaiian names of places and geographical features, and encouraging schools, businesses, and tourism to do the same. Her children attend Hawaiian charter school (Kula Kaiapuni) and Hawaiian is spoken in the home


  1. Believes in a three-pronged approach of engaging, empowering, and educating our homeless and our communities in which they reside. One size does not fit all in improving homelessness. We must decentralize our efforts and engage and empower our communities by creating collaborative solutions based on the unique needs of the community in which the homeless live and the needs of the individuals themselves
  2. Supports Safe Zones (Ohana Zones) if they have a leader, laws, and adequate services provided to transition to permanent housing

Neighbor Islands

  1. Believes the rail should not be paid for by non-Oahu residents
  2. Will improve neighbor island access to government by implementing remote testimony opportunities


  1. Opposed to increasing taxes to fund the rail
  2. Believes that public funding should be capped, and public-private partnerships should be created to fund the last ⅓ of the rail
  3. Against neighbor islands funding the rail

Social Issues :

Abortion: Personally pro-life, but supports and upholds current laws of the state

Cannabis: Pro medical, opposed to recreational. Held a town hall for community to understand the laws and regulations surrounding the medical cannabis law to protect youth and communities from abuse of the substance

Same-Sex Marriage: Supports marriage equality and rights for all people

Tax Reform

  1. Aims to decrease the corporate tax and unnecessary regulation
  2. Instead of raising taxes, believes in efficient allocation of resources and cutting waste within the government

TMT Mauna Kea Telescope

Opposed due to mismanagement (by UH) and lack of adherence to recommendations in years of auditor's reports

Unfunded Liability

  1. Believes solutions include contributing more than the state minimum to our Employee Retirement System starting immediately
  2. Will allow employees to contribute more to their pensions and remove the contribution cap