Improve access to Department of Hawaiian Home Lands

In order to fulfill the mission of the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act of providing homestead lands for the housing, agriculture, farming, and businesses of Native Hawaiians, the governor must ensure this land trust of 200,000 acres of Native Hawaiian land is properly managed through the Department of Hawaiian Homelands (DHHL). With 27,000 applicants still on the waitlist—many who have been waiting for decades—the state is failing to meet its obligation to the Native Hawaiian people. In order to properly fulfil our trust obligations, we must:

  • Increase the oversight, reporting, and transparency of trust land management.
    • Audit DHHL's performance as administrators of the land trust and implement appropriate changes to reduce government waste.
    • Include beneficiaries in the process of recommending and choosing DHHL commissioners.
  • Maximize funding and seek additional federal funds to expedite land awards and make much needed infrastructure improvements on homestead lots.
  • Increase access to financial literacy education and loan resources so more applicants are eligible.